Racing Fashion is more about focusing on the attitude you have and less about the clothes you wear

This speaks volumes, and this lady is even wearing heels with her toenails painted.  This is more of what Racing Fashion is about than the people who win.


Fashions on the Field Doomben 10,000 Day

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Fashion at the Races South Australian Final 2016

There is something very touching and personal about heading to the races in South Australia and I really cannot put my finger on it.  The people are lovely, there are no crowds, but most of all there seems to be a genuine kinship between the girls and happiness for whoever the winner may be.  The Eastern States have fierce competition and fierce competitors and many of them admit as was done on stage once at 'Blue Diamond' where one competitor said, "There are no friends on the stage, we are here to take out one another".  It was true and I have seen many people take this competition to the next level, but Adelaide does not seem to have that instinct.  It seems there is a place for everyone in Adelaide and this is why I keep coming back again and again.  Ladies you are an inspiration to the love of dressing well and what 'Racing Fashion' is all about.  Thank you for showing me a beautiful perspective on what lovely ladies you all are.  Congratulations to all, winners and competitors, you are all very big winners in life in my book.

Fashion at the Races Heat on Oaks Day in South Australia 2016

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