Do you know who you are seated next to?


Family, racing and fashion are the three passions in my life that I will never trade. Racing and Fashion luckily fall into the same category for me. Recently with the festivities of Spring Carnival I have found that the art of conversation is beginning to die. Whimsical anecdotes shared at a table of ladies at lunch are now over looked. When people ask me what I do, I say 'I am a mum', being my number 1 priority. I retired before I was 30, songwriting royalties are my source of income for the rest of my life. Many people that I often shared meals with were Liv & Steve Tyler, Trudy Styler, Kelsey Grammer, Liza Minnelli, Jon Bon Jovi & Chef Ramsay, my husband also finding himself passing the time of day with Jodie Foster & Elizabeth Taylor. Often I invite many overseas guests and in some cases titled ladies to social events. Next time you take a seat next to someone, you may be very important, but understanding that the art of conversation opens your world to education that is invaluable.


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