Millinery #1 Rule

Dale Olsson from 'The Hat Box' #1 rule for Millinery is always remember that straw hats are strictly for Summer and Felt is strictly for Winter.  Flowers and Feathers are fabulous all times of the year.

The First Rule

We are currently working with the tracks around Australia on this section.

The most important rule you should remember:

Leave the track in the outfit you enter in.  That means if you are wearing gloves, you leave wearing your gloves.  If you are wearing a hat of facinator, you leave with it in place on your head.

Shoes, well if you have been standing all day I can understand wanting to hop into some lower heel.  The perfect solution.  The afterparty shoe. They are perfect and really quite stylish.  There is nothing worse than seeing a beautifully dressed lady leaving the course in bare feet. 

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