The Good Manner Company

Anna Musson is the principal of The Good Manners Company.  The Good Manners Company was founded in 2007 and works with a variety of businesses and sporting organisations, schools and individuals, all of whom are looking to improve the impression they create.

Anna Musson has rapidly become the etiquette expert for modern Australians.  She is a fresh and vibrant speaker who is now considered the top commentator and trainer for etiquette and modern manners in Australia.

Anna works with a variety of sporting codes including the NRL, AFL and Rugby Union as well as the Institute of Sport in Canberra.

Specialising in business and social etiquette, grooming and image management,  Anna's dynamic personality is evident in her training style. Her sessions are engaging, humourous and unique.

The Lindy Charm School for Girls

The Lindy Charm School for Girls is dedicated to reviving the golden age of glamour and etiquette of the early 20th century, by introducing girls to red lipstick, bullet bras, girdles, garters, seamed nylons, sky-high heels and how to wear them, pin curls, victory rolls, finger waves, and a wiggly walk to boot.

Workshops are held around the country and will teach you how to create hairstyles from the 30’s to the 50’s using traditional and modern methods and how to apply make-up to give a classic, beautiful finish.

If you have ever wanted to become a pin-up girl or you hold a divine interest or penchant for recreating or learning to recreate the vintage beauty of days gone by, then let us Charm school you.

Click here for more and to go to the Lindy Charm School for Girls.

Ettiquette Top Tips for Spring Carnival.

Always Stand and don't talk during the National Anthem.

Don't drink and don't be drunk by the time you reach the course.

Try and do one drink per race & water in between drinks helps.

Not rocket science just courtesy.

Do you know who you are seated next to?


Family, racing and fashion are the three passions in my life that I will never trade. Racing and Fashion luckily fall into the same category for me. Recently with the festivities of Spring Carnival I have found that the art of conversation is beginning to die. Whimsical anecdotes shared at a table of ladies at lunch are now over looked. When people ask me what I do, I say 'I am a mum', being my number 1 priority. I retired before I was 30, songwriting royalties are my source of income for the rest of my life. Many people that I often shared meals with were Liv & Steve Tyler, Trudy Styler, Kelsey Grammer, Liza Minnelli, Jon Bon Jovi & Chef Ramsay, my husband also finding himself passing the time of day with Jodie Foster & Elizabeth Taylor. Often I invite many overseas guests and in some cases titled ladies to social events. Next time you take a seat next to someone, you may be very important, but understanding that the art of conversation opens your world to education that is invaluable.


What not to do

Fashions on the field.

A few rules to keep in mind when you are entering fashions on the field.

Ladies must always have headwear, hat or fascinator.

Jeans are unacceptable.

Alcoholic beverages should not be on stage.

Underwear showing or as part of an outfit is not correct race attire. 


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