Incorporating Masarla, Pantone Colour of the Year with your wardrobe

Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness.

Pantone is the world-renowned authority on colour and colour communication and have inserted themselves into the creative industry. Put simply, Pantone are the experts on colour. Each year, Pantone gathers a colour committee that meets twice over the course of 12 months. The colourists pitch palette concepts, debate colour trends – and ultimately pick which hue will be the new ‘black’.

Pantone have nominated Marsala as the colour of the Year 2015, to which the fashion and beauty industries have taken note! Being March, this hardly ‘news’, however, what better time to get to know Marsala than this change of season – Marsala is the perfect colour for our cooler months ahead.

Any Australian knows, we’re a little behind the fashion world that is dominated by our Northern-Hemisphere-ians. Experiencing seasons out of sync with those of us down-under – London, New York, Paris and Rome have hit the runways – Marsala flares throughout. The upside for us on the down-side? The colour Marsala is now easily accessible – giving us Australians quite a selection to choose from. What’s better – the Marsala colour is perfect for this coming winter.

Popping up everywhere you look, Marsala is having an impact. Without doubt, nail polish and lipstick Marsala accents will be your best friend in these cooler months. Dramatic and grounding, this earthy shade will complement most skin tones and hair colours. Adding Marsala as an accent is perfect if it’s not your usual colour beat.

Thankfully, Pantone in their colour kingdom have granted us Marsala colour pairings – enabling us to amplify all things Marsala! Meanwhile, helping those of us who poorly colour-coordinate, to really nail the the Marsala vibe.

I’m not going to lie, those of us who will really rock Marsala this year will be our beautiful brunettes, radiant red-heads, and olive-skinned babes. Meanwhile, (I know it, you know it, we all know it) our blonde haired, fair skinned and blue eyed ladies (that’s me!) will find our brunettes hard to compete with on this colour trend – but this is where the colour pairings will come into play.

Alternatively, there’s always 2016.

Cleaning your False Lashes

Steps to Clean Faux Lashes:

  1. Add some cleansing water or cleanser + water (try to avoid oil-based cleansers) to a small bowl
  2. Add a couple of drops of disinfectant or tea tree for it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties – we don’t want any bacteria from prior make-up affecting our eyes in future use.
  3. Place your used lashes into the bowl and leave to soak over night
  4. While the lashes are soaking – gently rub away any excess glue and mascara
  5. Use two cotton rounds together – sandwiching the lashes, further gently rubbing away any excess debris
  6. Leave to dry and then place back in their packaging – maintaining the integrity of the lashes for next time!

Racing Fashion Top Trends to Sport for 2015

Dolce and Gabbana Jeweled Headbands

Time to give your lips the outstanding shape and colour they deserve.

Valentino Boho Micro Briad.

Colour up your life with Hair Happy Colour as seen at Louis Vuitton

Luscious Lashes and Blackout Eyes.

Philip Treacy for MAC

Philip Treacy: A Man of Many Hats

With his new makeup collection for M.A.C., the milliner proves nature-inspired doesn't always mean natural.

After so many years spent framing the face, designing instantly iconic hats and headpieces for celebrities, royals, and designers like Karl LagerfeldValentino, and, of course, Alexander McQueenPhilip Treacy had strong ideas about makeup—the type of collection he’d like to make, and the company with whom he would partner. “M.A.C. are, you know, the punks of the makeup world! They’re fearless,” he explains. “It’s transformative, makeup. You can be a different person, which is why there are similarities with outerwear.”

The resulting 12-item collection, out now, is inspired by a trio of the designer’s couture hats: An Art Deco-inspired 3D-printed piece that highlights the cheekbones; a pink and green spectator number that accentuates lips; and a black lace mask that calls attention to the eyes. And, in the way that Treacy’s hats make a woman who has never considered the eccentric accessory suddenly crave one, the dramatic blues and pinks in his M.A.C. line make a strong case for ditching the no makeup trend. “It’s a compliment when people wear makeup because they’re making an effort for you or the person,” he says, remembering how his mother applied red lipstick before leaving the house to shop. “It’s not like they’re wearing a shell suit.” To highlight the eyes, Treacy created metallic gold and silver Paint Pots; teal, royal blue, and flat black Fluidline eyeliners, and black False Lashes mascara. For the cheekbones, there are two highlighter palettes pressed into intricate Art Deco patterns; and for lips there are pink, magenta, and burgundy lipsticks. “I love all of these pinky tones, you know. They’re very Isabella Blow,” he notes, referencing his late friend and ardent supporter. And while the designer cites nature as inspiration for the colors, this by no means a collection for someone hoping to achieve a “natural” look. “Nature is a constant source of inspiration for us because it’s alive and it’s the ultimate in perfection,” he says. “It’s astonishing if you examine it and look at what’s appeared from thin air—and it’s perfect.”

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