Joshua Harker, 3D Printed Headwear

Amazing collection of printed on a 3 D Printer Headgear Quixotic Divinity of Joshua Harker!
Joshua Harker has always been a creative personality. He used the technology of 3 D printing for the establishment of the glamour of works of art. Its Printed Sculpture, crania anatomica filigre and anatomica di revolutis, one of the most funded at Kickstarter.
Last Job Harker - Collection Headgear Quixotic Divinity, created with the help of 3 D printing. Form, the details and the complex decorative polyamide coverings clearly show which elaborate objects can create modern printers.
" Exploring the possibility of 3 D printing and inspired by the traditional with headgear and masks of American Indians, the inhabitants of Africa and Asia, I managed to complete the symbolism of the works. Mask reflects the human personality, symbolic of the liberation of the spirit from the body ".
The Headdresses created with selective laser sintering. The total duration of the building was about 200 hours, for the work of the large format printer was used from the EOS for print poliamidom.
Premiere at the podium was held in London in the first, and then in the Louvre, Paris. On 13-15 February, the products will also appear on the exhibition of 3 d printshow in the exhibition centre at the metropolitan pavilion in Nʹy York, USA.


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