Racing Fashion Hot List, Dolce and Gabbana Crowns



For those who just cannot bear the brim, the crown fresh out of Milan is the latest TREND ALERT, we may not have the $ for these sumptious numbers, but our own home grown Australians are doing them just as well.  Viktoria Novak, Debbie Kelly Millinery with gorgeous 'Gold Rose Buds', Stephanie Spencer Millinery, and of course our personal home grown favourite Metalic Lady, "Love Lotus".

Above Debbie Kelly Millinery, beautifully crafted headpieces with leather flowers and golden highlights.  A must have.

 Above Stephanie Spencer Millinery, with golden veiling.

Our Luxe Have, Love Lotus with Lynette Lim wearing her signature Metallic.  Lynette has really pioneered this medium beautifully and her attention to detail is second to none. 

Viktoria Novak showing off her unique talent at New York Fashion Week, with belts to match.  I am a huge fan of Viktoria Novak and a proud owner of her headwear. 

Look out for Curlpaper, you know a unique piece is a statement and this golden Mini Mohawk is adorable.


Viktoria Novak, New York Fashion Week 2015

The Gold Crown is one of the most coveted items for this Spring Racing Carnival for those who wish to wear a minimal headpeice.  

Viktoria Novak's collection in New York not only dazzled the US with her beautifully co-ordinated belts, but has us wanting more.  Viktoria Novak is known for her beautiful Bridal pieces and bespoke headwear, but we are so proud of such an amazing Australian Talent featuring at New York Fashions Week.


 Viktoria Novak 'The Galaxy of Flora' couture SS16 runway collection via Fashion Palette at New York Fashion Week - 10 September 2015 

Photographed by Rizz O Graphy

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