The Golden Age

Dolce and Gabbana have made it quite clear that heels and ears are simply not the done thing for 2015.

Embrace who you are, get in touch with your height and accept it.  The lower the heel the more sophistication.

And if you did not hear for those still wearing ears, that are in every $2 shop, you will be outcast by royalty with regal crowns and precious metal headwear will rein supreme.  That is for those of the younger generation who do not want to sport a full brim, although it is the trend of the season dainty golden crowns will be the 2015 simple trend for the pretty young thing.

Sport Tolentino for sheer opulence, class and the statement piece of the season or a couple of our instagram friends favourites.

Please share your love and inspiration with Racing Fashion and you may be featured.  Hashtag #racingfashion so we can see you looking and feeling fabulous as well as your creative delights.  

Chadstone Fashion Stakes Categories Professional Milliner's Category

Joining the Chadstone Fashion Stakes categories this year will be the Professional Milliner's Category. One overall winner will take out the top prize which includes an invitation to feature in the 2016 Caulfield Millinery Evening.

Please read the terms and conditions here.

An Interactive Look Back At Queen Elizabeth II's Most Fabulous Hats One seriously stylish history lesson. by J Feldman


 the soon-to-be longest reigning monarch in British history, is also one of the most fashionable. That is, of course, thanks in part to her vast hat collection.

Visual Meta, a company that runs online shopping portals in Europe, Asia and South America, has further fueled our infatuation with the queen's style with its new infographic, "63 Years In 63 Hats." The interactive tool serves as a timeline of important events in the queen's reign thus far, dating back to the Commonwealth Tour of 1953 through the birth of granddaughter Princess Charlotte in 2015. Click on any given hat and the graphic gives you a glimpse back in time at her majesty wearing it, making the super stylish history lesson just plain fun to play with.

Arthur Krux, who created the graphic, explained to The Huffington Post why he chose to focus on her hats: "It is the queen's biggest fashion statement. We wanted to choose one hat for each year, so we did our research focusing on what the queen did or important dates for her kingdom in every year," he said. 

Take a look at the iconic hats below. 

Thank you to Huffington Post for this article, click here

Slava Zaitsev (Moscow Fashion House "Slava Zaitsev")

Racing Fashion is just slightly totally obsessed with the gorgeous designs of this Russian designer.  Perfection.

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