Racing Fashion's Royal Ascot Day 1 Favourite Hats

Love this gorgeous girl sporting vintage. 

I just had to add this fun of citrus.

I totally adored this lady who I spoke with, she had hand crochet all her dress and added it to her hat.  Such a doll. 

Love beautiful smiles

Sleek and Simple

Not in focus, but you get the idea how amazing this hat looks. 

Gorgeous Ladies

The Amazing Stephen Jones Millinery sported by Deborah and Charolotte Quin

These two lovely ladies were wearing Vintage Hats from Arizona US.

Noel Stewart

Philip Treacy

This lady from the US's son used to play Rugby in Townsville in Australia and could not believe I knew the town so well.

No one in the US or UK had any idea where it was.  A beautiful mother and son.  

So much more to come, when photos come into thumbnails to view.  Please enjoy. 


Royal Ascot Hat Top Picks by Daily Telegraph UK

 Thank you to to Daily Mail for these images. 

Playing Hats with Piers Atkinson

Dubai World Cup is always a must do on my Calendar after 2014 blew me away literally with Fireworks, Festivities and Fashion on a World Stage.

Dubai is one of the most amazing and New Cities in the world that boasts the Richest Race in the World, (Dubai World Cup, valued at 20million USD) and the fashion seen is opulent, elegant and so unique. There is something that everyone will love.

Australia and United Kingdom would have to be Hat Capital of the world presently, but we love seeing what Dubai has in store for us.

I adore the fun of the 'BIG EYE' hat that has been beamed around the internet and everyone that went to so much trouble to look amazing on the day.

“The Most Unique Hat” Title went to an unknown Milliner, but it was so much fun and really did look like an Eagle.

“Best Hat” was by the amazing local talent of Karen Hamilton who resides in Dubai. Every hat I walked past, I would say, ohhh, I like that hat and Kim Fletcher, International Milliner would tell me “That is another one of Karen's”.

Of course take note, that Ana Pribylova did win the Longines Stylish lady award and her hat was just beautiful. I was also so happy to meet Carol Kennelly Milliner of Ireland who was sporting the Sunny Yellow number. All Amazing Ladies, take a bow and Jaguar Style Stakes has never looked so fabulous.

I have always had the feeling I would getting along charmingly with the wonderful Piers Atkinson, and when first approaching him about coming to chat and look at his collections, I had to test him. In my email, I wrote, May I visit on April Fools Day?. I had a 'yes' which made me feel fantastic, but then I went on to tell him about an April Fool prank that I played on my husband. I told my husband a train was coming down the tram line in Melbourne. The poor darling believed me and I felt terrible. How could I tell him a lie when he trusts me so much, but it was April Fools.

Piers Atkinson has one of those fabulous British senses of humour where you giggle at everything and just cannot get enough of his infectious high energy fun. When visiting, everything was fun, and he said “Would you like something?”,

I said, “Everything!!!”. To me everything is exactly what I received, a fantastic day with a person of fun and fabulous. You will see me sporting a few of some Piers Fun very soon, but shhh, its a secret.

I did learn that Piers, 'Fell' into Millinery and his mother was a formerly trained Milliner who's stitching was perfection as well as her hats.

Piers, loved going out having fun and wearing fabulous head wear as an accessory to sport at clubs in London. After being seen so much with his quirky and novel numbers, he was soon given the title of 'Milliner' and some of the most elite including 'Anna Della Russo' often sports his latest looks.

I am particularly excited about a new project that is on the go, but I am promised to secrecy. It is so much fun and it will have everyone feeling like they are all spectacular.

I was privy to see the new range of the collaboration with Zandra Rhodes which takes inspiration from Uluru and the Red Centre where Zandra visited in 1974. (See Below) Her design that gives her such fond memories has been printed onto Sinemay and turned into gorgeous head wear and hats for the 2015 season of Royal Ascot. Get in quickly because they are a limited edition and will not last long. Piers strongly concentrates on his phenomenal kitsch range of Apples, Cherries and now (meow) cat ears, but also has may classic pieces so will appeal to all tastes. Beautifully brimmed hats, with adornments of flowers feature for 2015, but when purchasing Piers, I just love the fun.

Not all his materials or tools may be that of a classically trained Milliner, where you can find Limbs or Limbless Barbie Dolls dramatically perched in places, just waiting to be admired, every nook seems to have a personality and demanded to be looked at. There are loads of Swarovki's and Glitter Galore and I did mention to Piers, “Glitter, simply does not rub off”.

I am so blessed to have visited Piers and see his latest collection which I hope I can convince some Australian Stores to stock. Australia loves Piers work and would love somewhere to locate it easily without relying on International Delivery.

There is no way you can wear a Piers Atkinson hat and simply not be happy, they instantly lift you into a dimension of fun, happiness and you will soon be walking with a spring in your step.


I saw one of Piers pieces at Dubai World Cup and it made the finals in 3 sections. How can a pink and purple unicorn not be given a second look especially when you add glitter and sparkle. I would like to thank the amazing Piers and his staff for allowing me to come in to the studio and transform into a cat when wearing one of his gorgeous Pussy Cat felt hats. (See below). If you would like further information about any of Piers fabulous range, you can go to his site by clicking here, or hopefully we will see his pieces in Australia in time for Spring Racing Carnival. Hats a Hoy.

Piers Atkinson in Collaboration with Zandra Rhodes

What happens when you incorporate two incredibly talented people.  I mean the amazing Piers Atkinson and Zandra Rhodes.

You are going to have some serious Millinery and Design alliance that is spectacular.

Zandra visited Ayers Rock, Ularu in 1974 and designed some breathtaking textiles, here we have a team of something very special.

For more information, Click Here to be directed to Piers Atkinson.

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