Joanna Roberts Millinery

Joanna Roberts Millinery was first caught by my eye in 2013 when Christine Spielmann wore a leather hat to Darwin Cup, which talking to Milliners earlier in the week I said, I am not a fan of the medium and still it is not my favorite fabric for hats, but the statement that made Christine a winner was the structure, shape and line and the way the construction looked so easy yet would have been very difficult to achieve that result.

A couple of years go by, Christine Spielmann is still winning at Darwin Cup and undoubtedly in a beautiful feminine boater.

Over times I have not been really sold on perspex, although there are so many Milliners using this material and now being mastered.  I am totally in love with Joanna Roberts Millinery where I think Christine in my eyes should have taken out the highest honour, although that is just in my eyes.

I think Christine's time will come very soon in Fashions on the Field as she is talented and tasteful, knowing what 'Racing Fashion' is; Australian, Innovative and expression.  I spoke to Christine about her outfit which was once her favourite 'Camilla' Kaftan, carefully coutured into a Racing Garment.  It was striking on her figure and fashion forward without the garish costume theme.

Coming back to Joanna, I was amazed at the 'Boomerang' styled piece that was so beautifully poised on Christine's head.  I continue to look, look and look and it is pure perfection where it is molded around here chignon at the back and looks like the piece has been sculpted around Christine's face.  This is stunning and you will see the laser work as well which many have been asking me about for both Millinery and Fabric, which below you will see 'Melbourne Laser Cutters'.

I think this is a perfect example of a Milliner who is not hugely known, although looking at her work you can see major triumphs coming her way.  Ladies if you are looking for a distinctive piece that will match you, I am confident I can recommend Joanna to you and she may even be getting a call from me in the near future.  A Millinery talent to WATCH!

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  • 1st Place Myer FOTF Melbourne Cup 2014.
    Placed in the top 10 in the Melbourne Cup Designer Category 2014.
    2nd Place Adelaide Cup Fashion on the Field 2014.
    2nd Place Melbourne Cup Fashion on the Field 2013.
    Placed in the top 10 in the Melbourne Cup Designer Category 2013.
    1st Place Darwin Fashion on the Field 2013.
    3rd Place Adelaide Cup Fashion on the Field 2013.
    1st Place Best Headwear Balaklava Cup 2012.
    1st Place Darwin Cup Millinery Award 2012.
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Where I work: milliner Stephen Jones

Photograph: David Levene

This is the workroom where we hand-make hats from beginning to end. In the middle is the millinery table, which is covered in calico. It has six layers of wadding underneath so it’s all soft and squashy, and we pin things to it. It’s almost like another pair of hands. It is reasonably clean but over the next few weeks it will get ripped and covered in paint and coffee rings. Once we finish a collection, we put on a new calico and it’s like going to the Maldives for a fortnight. It makes me that happy.

The heads on the table are poupées. They’re the most precious thing in the workroom as we make the hats on them. Everyone has their own poupée and they all have names. Mine is called Dorothy, and she’s the knackered old one with a face. She’s been through the mill.

They are all made in France out of papier-mache and sadly they have a certain lifespan. We hold them between our knees when we work, and after a while they completely collapse. Then they go to the big poupée heaven in the sky.

The trilbies are from our autumn/winter 2014 collection, inspired by Greta Garboand Naum Gabo. The pointy hat is the very beginning of a Catherinette hat for the house of Schiaparelli. St Catherine is one of the patron saints of haute couture in France. In France, a girl becomes a Catherinette if she’s 25 and unmarried by the feast of St Catherine, and her employer gives her a hatin green and yellow, the colours of St Catherine. You go to the town hall in Paris to meet the mayor, get a medal and parade up and down. I made three Catherinette hats for Schiaparelli and 110 for Dior.

There are usually eight people at the table, leaning over their poupées and working. Backache is an occupational hazard as a milliner. You shake a bit, do a bit of yoga or have a large gin – whatever helps. At the moment, all the people in the workroom are girls and it’s a bit like St Trinian’s, with lots of laughs and capers.

I absolutely like a jolly workroom. If you are in a good mood, you will make a happy-looking hat. If you are in a miserable mood, it will look miserable and tortured.

Noel Stewart Millinery

Noel Stewart is a London based milliner with international status. Taking inspiration from contemporary art and architecture whilst using his extensive skills, he modernises millinery and creates a fresh and elegant approach to how we dress the head. Noels collections for men and women combine luxury materials and traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation.

Before attending the Royal College of Art, Noel worked with designers Dai Rees and Stephen Jones. This included time spent as Stephen Jones’s assistant at Christian Dior Couture, John Galliano and Louis Vuitton

Since establishing his label Noel has designed hats for leading fashion designers such as Roland Mouret, Diesel, Roksanda Ilincic, Erdem, Hussein Chalayan, Richard Nicoll, Jaeger, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Holly Fulton, Sibling, Viktor & Rolf, Claire Barrow and Gareth Pugh. His continuing work with such designers reflects the relevance of his role in contemporary fashion. [..]

In October 2013 Noel was appointed to the role of Creative Director of Christy and Co hats. Having been bought by Liberty, this heritage hat brand chose Noel for his in depth understanding of the industry and his unique ability to create contemporary headwear.

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Melbourne Laser Cutters

One of the most popular question I get asked is all about laser cutting.

The most important thing is to make sure that your piece are individual and also the design is copyright.

Melbourne Laser Cutters, Click Here.

  • Melbourne laser cutter is a laser cutting service for creative individuals. We are a professional service for designers, small businesses and 
    individuals who want to add a cutting edge to their designs. 

    We are able to cut and emboss the following materials (non metals only):
    - Fabric, leather, acrylic, glass, wood, MDF, plywood to name a few. 

    Please email your artwork, quantity and the materials you are using for a quote.
  • Phone
    03 9939 4796
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Gina Foster Millinery

When talking about Millinery in Australia we are so blessed to have so many talented, unique talents, but when you step of the plane and head for Royal Ascot and sit among the British Aristocracy, I am sorry, but I will let you know you are being judged from Head to Toe. It is ruthless and stiff upper lip and you will not hear a whisper, but trust me if a hair is out of place it will be noticed and you will be put into the group that shall not bear the right to enter the 'Royal Enclosure'. With Royal Ascot coming closer I am delighted to give you a peak into the world of Gina Foster Millinery. The elegance and grace not only of her master craftsmanship but the overseeing of the quality of her fabrics are second to none. The fabric and the way the sisal and sinemay has been blocked, you can see the attention to detail where the sisal line meets the edge of the block where I have been mentored by a Master Milliner to look for when assessing detail. When mentioning the name of Gina Foster Millinery, this is not a new name, as has featured on the Front of 'The Hat' magazine and also adorned by Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, need you look further. This work is sublime and perfection personified.

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