Racing Fashion Luxury Wish List

I may just have to order this body as well.  On my wish list although I do know reality, just pretty to imagine.

Love this style ear cuff.

If you are going to have cockroaches in your home, at least have them in gold.

Love these sleeves with 'Lantern Clutch'.

Love these McQueen, Hand Candy Hardware Gloves.

Shoe embellishment.

Again, love this lingerie, although anything larger than a 'b' cup would not flatter this lace upper.

D & G Floral Frames.

Fun Phone cases

Any excuse, 'Be Happy'

Love, Love, Love, this delicate diamond stud, with lower embellishment.

Stick to a classic that will never date.  YSL, Gold Wrist Cuff

Love this Swimsuit

POP Art Schwarovski Clutch.

Glass Festive Baubles, a beautiful keepsake heirloom.

All available on Netaporter




Bold sunglasses

There is a number of specific sunglasses trends worth noting this coming summer, but the general tie-in between them is simple: bold! Whether it’s large glasses with striped frames, white frames with black lenses, neon frames, or even the classic oversized black-on-black, sunglasses are not shy this summer.


It’s always a good idea to invest in a good pair of nude pumps. It’s a timeless wardrobe staple just like the little black dress. When you have no idea what shoes to wear for the day, you can always turn to your nude pumps. They are versatile and they make your legs long long and slender. What more can a girl want.

Nude shoes are pretty timeless. The nude pump is a fashion favourite and a must in any wardrobe. However, there are plenty of other kinds of nude or neutral coloured shoes you could work into your wardrobe. What about a sleek sandal or an elegant brogue shoe for everyday wear? The following are just some new season nude shoes that are worth checking out.

It’s obvious that wearing a pair of heels will easily add height to a shorter frame. However, the color of the heels can make a difference. Skin-colored heels often blend in with your natural coloring and can make legs appear to be longer. You can also do a great job of combining shorter dresses with nude heels to add length to their legs

Shoes available from Netaporter.

Racing Fashion TREND ALERT!

Dolce & Gabbana new accessories line is leading us to Sunday with the Cross close to our heart.

In Dolce & Gabbana style it is gold and beautifully jeweled.

Racing Fashion TREND ALERT!

With Jean Paul Gaultier collection about to head to our Victorian Gallery, Sport Recyled Reused Fashion.

You don't have to always take inspiration from New, take what is around your home and innovate.

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