Racing Fashion TREND ALERT!

A Bag for your Bag.  Forget the perspex, this is the new hit!

Arm Candy with Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana debut its Mini Mix Sicily handbag

The Italian design duo have recently unveiled their new fun addition to the Sicily bag family. From sky blue to baby pink and lime green to pastel yellow, Dolce and Gabbana's latest accessory is soft, sweet and most certainly something we need on our arm.

The iconic bag is made from luxurious leather and tinted in variety of candy coated tones –making it irresistibly sweet. The multicolour mini bags also come in patent crocodile and snakeskin leather for the more daring Dolce & Gabbana customer. 


Lacorvin handcrafted and ethically sorced jewellery and leather goods

Lacorvin brings a world of luxurious, exclusive, handcrafted, ethically sourced silver jewellery and leather handbags. We support the local artisans who source high quality raw materials locally and value using sustainable methods to produce one-of-a-kind accessories that last a lifetime. Our handcrafted 950 sterling silver jewellery statement pieces are designed in Australia and made by artisan silversmiths in Peru using ethically sourced silver. Our leather collections from Brazil and Argentina are handcrafted by leading leather fashion houses and we are the only stockist in Queensland.

The Lacorvin woman is confident, unique, stylish and thoughtful. She appreciates quality and makes a difference in the world with her ethical choices. She is not afraid to take risks and express her individual style wherever she goes with her one-of-a-kind Lacorvin handbag and statement silver jewellery.

The Height of Racing Fashion in Shoes

This year the emphasis is not on the height of the shoe in fact the heels are becoming lower, but the quality of shoe is more important.

Towering height may be fabulous for the catwalk, but we are talking about proportion to you, not the person next to you and not the models on high end catwalks.

Make sure that the shoes are good quality leather and my top tip is to put deodorant on your feet before, especially on hot days in sandals.  It is the worst look to have toes grossly coming through the end of the shoe and on the floor.  The antiperspirant will help stop the slipping.

Another top tip is to wear the shoes the day before, not for too long and see where the red patches and going to develop blisters, put on blister pads and don't use bandaids they just don't do the job.  If you are going to be on your feet all day you have to be comfy.

When you wear your shoes around the house, put a pair of socks over your shoes as well as under sometimes, the last thing you want is wearing in your shoes and getting scuffs.  Make sure all price tags are off your shoes as well.

Practice walking in the shoes as every pair is different and opt for stiletto heels this year rather than platform.

The court shoe taking centre stage and loving the combination of metallic with black.

Metallic and stiletto.  Heels will be thinner and more delicate for 2014.

Valentino worn by Chloe Moo last year in the winning design.  Always a classic.

Gucci and Fabulous, Love the Heels and the judges always are at shoe level, so will put you ahead of the pack.

Lace and soft Perspex.  Both a must for this season.  Love the Mary Jane.

Beautiful feminine and not too high, yet the height of fashion this season.

Metallic with soft perspex

Gorgeous Sandals

Pointy toes and straps and buckles, beautifully feminine.

Just so fabulous, but only for the serious shoeanista costing at least a weeks wage.

Neutrals are a hit this year and were a winner at Royal Ascot 2014

For the full edit of shoes, Click Here.

Christie’s Snatches Purse Specialists, Heritage Sues for $60 Million by S Cascone

Hermès Ostrich Birkin Bag.
Photo: Wen-Cheng Liu/Flickr, via Wikimedia Commons.

Designer Hermès handbags—or, more precisely, the experts who help sell them—have become a major point of contention in a lawsuit filed against Christie’s byHeritage Auctions. As reported by the New York Times, three handbag specialists, including Matthew Rubinger, who have decamped from Heritage for Christie’s have been accused of breach of contract and stealing trade secrets, and are being sued along with their new employer for $60 million in damages and lost profits.

In the world of designer handbag auctions, a “vintage” purse (never “used,” but sometimes made as recently as last year) can fetch over $100,000. In the past, Christie’s hasn’t focused much of its business on designer accessories, but that is about to change.

A sale at Heritage Auctions in late 2011 set the handbag record with a $203,000 bright red crocodile Hermès Birkin, with handles and embellishments of diamond-encrusted 18-karat white-gold. The purses are produced in extremely limited numbers at an atelier in a Parisian suburb from the finest and most exotic materials, and rumor has it that the wait-list for a new Hermès can be as long as three years.

“If you buy one Hermès bag for $20,000, depending on the popularity, the skin, the color, the size, you can resell it down the road for an average of 60 percent to 150 percent of what you paid for it,” Heritage president Gregory Rohan told the Times in a phone interview.

The resale market for designer bags is a relatively recent development. As a college student, the now 26-year-old Rubinger, who had previously had a small-scale resale business for inexpensive purses and a designer handbag eBay shop, interned at online retail shop DropShop (now Portero). There he launched the company’s luxury category, which quickly became its second-most profitable area.

When Rubinger met Rohan in 2010, the former was put in charge of Heritage’s luxury accessories business, which soon became Rohan’s primary focus. The two shared an office and closely collaborated on the growing business.

To Rohan’s great surprise, Rubinger tendered his resignation in May. “I thought he was a close, personal friend. We socialized. We had lunch and dinners together frequently. We collaborated on everything,” said Rohan. “Honestly, my wife and I don’t have children, and I thought of him as a son.”

According to the lawsuit, Rubinger received extensive training and important introductions to sources in Asia, as well as insider information about the auction house’s expansion and branding plans. The suit also claims that Rubinger arranged for one of the other handbag experts who moved to Christie’s to sit in on an important executive meeting with access to confidential strategic plans the week before their departure.

Rohan believes that Heritage “created a dynamic worldwide market that everyone would like to own.”

Christie’s, for its part, is not about to admit any wrongdoing. “We have reviewed the complaint and find it to be wholly without merit,” a spokesperson for the auction house told the Times. “We are prepared to vigorously defend these claims and Christie’s decision to expand our existing handbag department.”

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