Racing Fashion Top Tip for Heels and Sandals

Even though there are going to be some safe pedestals for Spring Racing Carnival this year, we all love statement heels.

After 5 years of heading to the track and often doing more straights than the horses, if you feel like you are slipping in your sandals this is for you.

Anti Antiperspirant Deodorant on the soles of you feel.  Only do this very sparingly as it is natural for your body to perspire.

This will stop the slipping feeling and make the day easier, but don't forget the flats in your purse for the walk home or in between locations.

5 Reasons Why I wouldn’t Get Foot Surgery to Fit Into Shoes by Alex

high heels, extreme fashion, fashion surgery, cosmetic surgery, shoes, sergio rossi

Sergio Rossi shoes.

Last week I read this shocking article in The New York Times about how women are getting foot surgery so they can fit their feet into fancy high heeled shoes. I’m not talking about people with major deformities, but people who say it hurts to wear Louboutins, so they want to fix it under the knife. Ok, ok, maybe it is not that shocking given the lengths people will go these days to look “good”, but for some reason foot surgery makes me really nervous. Here are a few reasons why I’d never get it.

1. Your feet are important. Yes, I know that your face and boobs are also important, and people frequently get surgery there, but somehow the feet seem sacred. If they screw up, then you might have trouble walking for the rest of your life. That’s quite a major thing, as mobility is, well, important. I understand surgery to repair real problems or deformities, but just so that you can wear this season’s it-shoe? No.

high heels, extreme fashion, fashion surgery, cosmetic surgery, shoes, casadei

Left, Casadei shoes, and right, Gianmarco Lorenzi.

2. Those high heeled shoes are supposed to hurt. I have a few pairs of four inchers I can wear all day without too much pain, but for the most part, super high heels, especially ones with stiletto heels, are not comfortable. You shouldn’t get surgery to change that, you should just wear more comfortable shoes. One person interviewed in the article explains “If you live in New York, your feet are your wheels.” That’s ridiculous, no one should be commuting around New York on their feet in towering heels. Get a taxi, or pack a pair of flats.

3. Surgery is scary. People are cutting into you. You need time to recover. Things can go wrong. Things can go very wrong. It should only be done when necessary. (As you can see, I’m not a huge fan of cosmetic surgery. I’ve had surgery twice, had great recoveries, but I knew right there and then that I would not be doing it again unless it was necessary. There are too many risks.)

high heels, extreme fashion, fashion surgery, cosmetic surgery, shoes, guiseppe zanotti

Guiseppe Zanotti shoes.

4. It’s expensive. Why not just get an amazing shoe maker to make you a last and design your own shoes? Or, better yet, buy a brand that has a wide fit (one of the doctors in the article suggests Prada) and use the surgery money on a holiday instead.

5. It is vain, frivolous, and ridiculous. But then again, the fashion industry seems to be full of stuff that is vain, frivolous, and ridiculous. I wonder, when reading these types of articles, whether this type of thing is new, or if we just have better media access to these stories. Either way, it is slightly depressing.


Chanel acquires French tannery by J Frank

Chanel joins a host of luxury houses seeking to protect age-old craftsmanship.

Chanel has purchased the Bodin-Joyeux tannery in Levrous, France, in a bid to ensure the future of its world-class leathers.

Established in 1860, the tannery specialises in fellmongery (the process whereby fur is removed from hides before tanning), parchments (its original business) and colour-dying.

“Bodin-Joyeux is Chanel's long-standing partner for Lambskin Plongé, which is used to create our famous classic quilted handbags. Through this acquisition, we are reaffirming our commitment to the long-term sustainability of traditional expertise, in particular involving lambskin, a noble, unique material, as well as to securing the future of centuries old craftsmanship,” said Bruno Pavlovsky, president of Chanel fashion.

Despite its new owners, the tannery will not operate exclusively for Chanel and will retain all its clients, for which it currently produces 450,000 skins a year.

Of late, luxury brands have been buying or investing in businesses to guarantee the supply of luxury materials. Chanel also owns Scottish cashmere-makers Barrie Knitwear, Lesage couture embroiderers and plant growers for Chanel No. 5 perfume. Kering and Hermès own multiple tanneries (including a reptile tannery for the latter), while LVMH controls a crocodile skin tannery in Singapore among others.

Thank you to Vogue Australia, Click Here.

Racing Fashion Lust List of Accessories

Racing Fashion is not just about being stylish on course, it is about feeling fantastic everyday.

These are on my unrealistic lust list for Christmas but really it would be money that would just sit on a shelf and let me admire from a far.

With 2 children under 5 I doubt my lust list will be fulfilled, but it is fun to dream.

"It is not about arriving at the destination, it is about the journey", Racing Fashion.

Shoes Fresh Off the Catwalk in Paris. Love or Loathe?

This shoe perplexes me.  The Fascinator of Shoes???  I am going to have nightmares, that I wear these flats to the races to and from places and it rains.  It is hard enough with keeping the hat dry, but OMG, THE SHOE.  NO to the Fascinator shoe.  Just silly. x

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