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So Right Now for Spring Racing Carnival Trends 2012, Click Here.

Louis Vuitton, Well Spotted Accessories

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Through Rose-Framed Glasses


Phillips, $250 at

If you’re getting a toothache thinking about pastels and floral prints this season, Kerin Rose, the hands behind the eyewear line A-Morir, offers a playful, noncommittal way to approach these trends.

Best known for using Swarovski crystals, spikes and chains that attract clients like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, Ms. Rose takes a different turn with her spring collection by showing off her softer side.

These flower-power-meets-hipster-glamour sunglasses come in two forms: a 1950s-inspired half frame with hand-embellished ceramic pastel flowers on the top (above); and oversize circle frames, also with ceramic pastel flowers; perfect if you’re heading to the second half of Coachella this weekend.

A-Morir Phillips sunglasses (half frame), $250; A-Morir Cass sunglasses, $400, at (Both are available in black.)

Cass, $400 at

Christian Dior A/W 2012/13 Shoes and Accessories

Epitome of Classic Elegance and subtle opulence, Click Here for more.

Photographer: Gianni Pucci /

Great Shoe Tips

1. Store your shoes properly. I mean in a box with a shoe tree (particularly with pointy shoes) or in a shelving unit and not in a giant pile next to your front door. I take good care of my shoes, and they last me 20 years (want to see the shoes I bought for grad? They are still in perfect condition.) This is particularly important for your expensive shoes. I’m quite happy to leave my Converse in a pile at my back door, but my expensive shoes deserve to be well taken care of so they last longer.

2. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. This is a tip I got from Salvatore Ferragamo (not personally, I wish) and it makes sense. The leather needs to rest between wears. (Note. This does not apply to rubber boots and Converse.)

3. Don’t stick rubber soles onto everything. I will not deny that these rubber soles are useful for shoes you wear every day (ex. leather boots.) But for very special shoes, even if you do wear them frequently, rubber soles may not work. A good pair of shoes is delicately balanced in a specific way so that it fits properly and supports your foot. What would happen if you decided to add an extra shoulder pad into one of your favourite jackets? A disaster. Same thing happens if you add 3mm of rubber onto the sole of your beautiful shoes. Rubber soles are only good for shoes that you know are going to be worn very, very frequently. And don’t worry, your leather soles will survive if they get wet, just let them dry naturally and don’t wear them two days in a row.

4. Don’t let your heels wear down. My pet peeve! If your heel tip is wearing down, replace it! If not, the whole heel gets ruined! And THAT is a travesty.

5. Protective sprays are usually pointless. I never use them on my shoes. The best protection is not to walk in the mud with your pink silk satin shoes, and not to wear your leather-soled Manolos in lieu of rubber boots. I honestly think those sprays are the equivalent of those extended warranties stores try to sell you: a waste of money.

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