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Scarlett Fever, by Alex

The Louboutin case is back in court today, after last week’s ruling that YSL are in fact allowed to sell their red-soled shoes. YSL’s next step will likely be to try and cancel Louboutin’s trademark. You can read a bit more about the details here on The Cut, but basically, Louboutin’s lawyers are trying to protect their trademark.

Who knew the bottom of a shoe could be so important?

According to an interview on WWD, “Louboutin stands to lose so much. This is identity theft for him. Those red soles are almost as recognizable as his name.”

I am sorry, but am I the only one that thinks this whole scenario is a bit weird? Yes, I feel sorry for Louboutin because if the trademark gets cancelled every single crappy fast fashion store will be selling red soled shoes. But to imply that he will “lose so much” is a bit weird. Why do people buy Louboutins? Hopefully it is not JUST for the red sole. I presumed that people buy Louboutins because they actually LIKE his shoe designs. Shouldn’t the designs have more merit than the colour of the sole? I know that when I almost bought a pair of Louboutins, it was for the design, not the sole. But I can also say that the reason why I decided NOT to go ahead and buy those Louboutins was because they were ridiculously overpriced, and Kim Kardashian had the same pair. I’d be far more concerned about the Kardashians owning entire collections of Louboutin. Perhaps they need to re-concentrate their efforts, pull an “Abercrombie,” and offer to pay the Kardashians to stop wearing their shoes.

I look forward to hearing what happens. If Louboutin hadn’t been such a diva and pursued this case in the first place, he would not be in this position now.

Vintage & Lucite Handbags are the New 'IT' bag

This year like no other to be holding Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Prada will almost be obscene due to the economic climate.  We will be seeing vintage pieces and many more reasonably priced pieces coming forward.  In this day and age with the economic strains unknown with Obama predicting an "Apocolyptic Economic Crisis", the fashion savvy will be looking to make the best of their wardrobe even revamping staple Olga Berg Clutches as a $$$ saving suitor.  Be on the lookout for Lucite as it will be in huge demand especially Rialto, New York, Clear Carved Lidded marbelled pieces.

Loving the Artistry on Victoria Spruce Shoes.

Congratulations Victoria Spruce, recent graduate of Royal College of Arts.

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