Racing Fashion Alex Perry Spring Carnival Edit 2015

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Alex Perry like Maticevski is a great idea for Fashions on the Field as Myer represent the brand.  It all depends on what the judges deem most fashionable on the day. 

Racing Fashion Trends 2015 Spring Racing Carnival


Racing Fashion Trends for 2015 are going to give you advise on why we are heading in the directions of United Kingdom Racewear and not United States. There is nothing particularly incorrect in every day fashion in United States, but the Racing Fashion is developing and not taking strong direction. It is clear to say that Australia is a leading force in Fashion when it comes to the races and I had unique opportunities to speak with many designers in United Kingdom as well as emerging designers there as well as a few different countries and get some perspective on this huge trend that is sweeping the world.

First of all I would like to make a very big statement that Racing Fashion is more of a breed of person who wishes to dress well for themselves and be part of a community rather than a winning magnet that is Fashions on the Field. Racing Fashion is a philosophy of an association of women and gentlemen who enjoy fashion and want to be part of a society where we encourage others to be welcomed in non competitive manner, encourage others to rise above gossip, innuendo and social hierarchy. It is about a freedom to dress to develop your personality and present to the public the person you want to be.

Within Racing Fashion the company has been established in 2009 and been giving great insight to competitors of Fashions on the Field, but Racing Fashion encourages that beyond the winning of a sash welcomes a satisfaction that you already feel fantastic, well groomed, well attired and you are a winner without having to win at all costs.

Racing Fashion has brought together fashion starting at approximately $400 in this editorial to showcase the latest trends and features of what to look for at the races for 2015 Spring Racing Carnival.

The biggest rule this year is no to neoprene in garments that has been a feature of runways where we are moving slowly away from this fabric. It can give some fantastic depth and structure, but I think it was perfected with Oscar Calvo's interpretation in the designer award a couple of years ago and really I don't think will be on our hit list for a while, so store these items. We all know the day s of nightclub are over at the races, yet we will always see this and really some of the girls are young an just starting to experiment with fashion, so lets not boo boo them as we have all been young, allow them to have their fun time being young and as they develop they will see a direction to go in the future. In saying that, we will see some of the hemlines raise a little, but this is a trend for the young. I am sorry to anyone who disagree but anyone over the age of 30 should not be flaunting their legs. A demure split is allot more alluring that a couple of pins. You should have more focus on bringing eyes up rather than to your legs at this demographic.

Racing Fashion in Australia is emerging as a leader and I have been given the great opportunity to speak at Royal Ascot about this. Not only are we leading in Fashions on the Field where we have the opportunity to showcase, but the English are taking notes of what our attire is at the races. The Irish are also a Racing Fashion Super Power that I dare not take on, as I know my Irish ladies are so well attired and leading in so many ways, I would not even start to give advise.

At Royal Ascot the Australian presence is phenomenal with trainers, jockeys and now crowd making it the place to be during Winter. The Australian's are setting standards in crowds and really are a more mature demographic, yet stylish and statuesque.

Australia has always been inclined to follow in the fashion footsteps of Untied States, but Racing Fashion is not about street wear and if in step with United States we would be comparing ourselves to the social luncheons in New York, ladies attending High Tea and Social standing functions. We do look at First Lady Michelle Obama and take not of colours and structure of garments that she is wearing. In Australia, we don't take our politicians quite as seriously as the Untied States and definitely don't look to them as Style Icons. Take looks back where Jackie O was all the rage with the 'Mad Men' theme of Racing Fashion approximately 6 years ago and we really followed on the US Vintage Theme. This year we will have fondness of the full skirt reminiscent of this time and of course a great shift dress is always a popular item in vintage stakes. United States really has a wonderful take on Street Fashion, but Street Fashion has nothing to do with Racing Fashion and I keep that for the younger bloggers and social commentators.

Royal Ascot is the place where we should be looking to when we are thinking racing. This is the sport of Kings and Queens and where we love to get ideas for Spring Racing Carnival ahead. This year at Royal Ascot, there is less, less less of the pill box and they have not really heard of the percher and Philip Treacy did do some pieces sitting forward in previous year collections, but we are now back to the signature Brim.

This is the perfect season to showcase that Australia can lead in the way of Racing Fashion, keep lady like, English Rose, Princess theme without the stuffiness. So we don't often need the overcoat or jacket to go over the dress in the same way that our Engish counterparts do. Make the dress your statement. It will be hard if you are entering Fashions on the Field, as we saw last year there was definitely a dress of the season, and keep in mind that in one instance it beat 'Chanel'. That is a huge call.

Make sure that the silhouette and shape are current and the fabric is good quality. You will see colour splashes this year, but when purchasing in some haute brands they only seem to bring out block colours and little patterns as they don't easily sell. This is where your talent to show your creative genius comes in with belts, shoes, accessories. Even when wearing black or white apart from Derby Day, you can bring to life a dress with pops of Hot Pink, Canary Yellow, and Purple Punches. Shoes are going to be lower and don't even think of going out in plat formed stilts as they are not flattering in this seasons textured fabrics and laces. The shoes should be clean and non stuffy. Sorry, it is not all about the shoe this season, it is about a very low pump or court shoe that compliments, not trying to take the theme of the shoe up to the hat.

Again, look at the qualities of lace that you are purchasing and if the lace is expensive, don't wear too much like belts and necklace's, you want to keep the focus on the fabric and the dress. When you have a cheaper lace, that is when you bring in your belts to take away from the fabric and bring the eyes to the pops of colour. There will be a focus on sheer and mesh, so don't be afraid, but don't let it be too much in certain areas.

2015 Racing Fashion Trends is about showing off You!. Your personality, so you should shine through the dress. Don't have too much fuss around the dress and Peter Pilotto is probably the best bet for pattern this season. Florals are always a must and Dolce and Gabbana have some amazing dresses for this season.

In the way of headwear, we have the Boater, the Brim and the Crown, in gold and jewels, no more lace or plastic crowns.

Hat no no for 2015, Percher, Ears, Lace Crowns or chains around the head.


Jewelry for this season, definitely Pearls.

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Racing Fashion Edit, Forever New, Snap Purchases Under $200

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Racing Fashion, Will Maticevski Reign Supreme at Spring Racing Carnival 2015


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Racing Fashion Carla Zampatti Edit for Spring Racing Carnival

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