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Racing Fashion Loves Alex Perry at a Fabulous Price

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Racing Fashion Ted Baker Edit

Pair these looks with the shoe of the season being the 'Nude Low Heel', the above shoes are going to leave you barefoot at the end of the day. 


Racing Fashion Trends 2015

2015 Trends are going to be rather plain with great lines yet attention to shape and well matching accessories. You are going to find that the hemlines are dropping to ankle length and you can keep with the straight look (Tea Length) or full skirt. This will give a more youthful and playful feel to dressing in 2015, but the nude shoe is a must. This is about elongating the line of the leg and platforms again are out. Keep heels low and everything to a princess polish. Dolce and Gabbana always have the drama to keep us looking interested, but there were more safari and ethnic feels to the collections of 2015 rather than the classics we look into for Racing Fashion. This year Racing Fashion will be pointing their direction of skirts and jackets as well, as in International designers we have found it difficult to find lines that are clean and able to be mixed well with hat, belt and accessories.

More than ever we are seeing more of the hats hit the runways, yet no real distinct style's that we loved with Dior in 2009. I feel there was a lack of drama and costume to 2015 Runways and one may put it down to the financial crisis, leaving consumers with the option of wearing more everyday items rather than Haute Couture, and some are feeling where is the room for Haute Couture these days. Well, Racing Fashion is putting up there hand and wanting to see more drama for the Collections. It is easily seen that the lines are relying on accessories such as shoes and handbags to be the du jour item as they are easier to produce and more saleable than the big ticket couture dresses.

The AUD is at around .75 to .80 USD, so really being able to pick up an international designer at a song is the yesteryear. Just remember that there are plenty of Australian Designers just wanting your work and even though we have great items from Maticevski and Perry, why not approach designer students or couturiers to make bespoke piece for you.

If you are going to play in colour make sure you are doing it well with only slight blocking. This season is not about any hard on trend, but digital prints are long gone so don't even think of getting them out of the closet. Keeping one colour in mind and working it through the hat and ensemble is always a hit, but keep the look clean and easy.

Peter Pilotto is always a favourite in Australia although for our UK counterparts the pattern can be overwhelming for the fair Brits, so we suggest for Royal Ascot, stick to the Lace of Dolce and Gabbana, Roland Mouret, Leila Rose, Victoria Beckham, Ederm and Roskander.


Usually when seeing allot of colour at Royal Ascot you will see Huge hats, opt for the demure tones as the hat is what you want to draw up to your face.

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Racing Fashion Feature Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto has been a force to be reckoned with on the Australian Racetrack but now the forward thinking super brand is forging away from the Digital Print that became synonymous as their signature. The designing super duo are moving toward Graphic, Colour and Cut.

Peter Pilotto, is a relatively young brand that started in London in 2007, starting with Peter and soon joined by Christopher de Vos where both met in Antwerp where they studied.

Peter is wanting to be known as more than “The designers who do digital prints” and during their SS15 show they went so far to not send down an of their signature digital down the runway.

Peter said, “You can easily be pigeonholed in fashion”, he explains “In the beginning we used it so much because the industry was so supportive, and it was a great way for us to make a unique product. But now there's so many other developments in the collection, so there's digital which will always be there, but we grow and we can do more.”

For Spring/Summer 15, both parties were inspired by the 70s and the 'Summer of Love', psychedelic colours and Patterns reign supreme and “Demand to be Noticed”.

What Racing Fashion loves about this team is they are all about embracing the strength of the woman and not being scared to have the attention on her. “It's definitely a strong woman that we are aiming for” says Pilotto. “ We try to place colours or layouts strategically so that they actually empower you. We don't want to add another challenge to life.”

More to the point of why Peter Pilotto fits in so perfectly with Racing Fashion is because they are not making clothes for a particular age demographic, they have women as young as Emma Roberts and Kristen Stewart wearing their garments all the way up to Michelle Obama. If you are looking for longevity in your wardrobe this will be the perfect accompaniment to keep in your realms for years.

When talking about the women he is more driven to as a designer Peter says, “We are quite fascinated by women who are great throughout life,” he muses. “Obviously a young beautiful girl is amazing, but maybe... it 's quite easy to be beautiful when you are young. At a certain age you can pretty much choose who you want to be, because it it's in your hands, you need to work at it.”

When talking about the collaboration with Target in the US the statistics are amazing with the band being sold out in 2 days and within the first hour there was a transaction within every 2 seconds.


When looking for garments for the Spring Carnival for 2015, do not dismiss the power of the 70s and Peter Pilotto. Dresses of this brand not only have been worn by the Supermodel Coco Rocha, but among Fashions on the Field Title Winners such as Stephanie Martin, and Jo Gear. A trend worth taking note of.

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