Duabi World Cup. I am serious this event cannot get any bigger, more prize money be any more opulent and showcased that what it is. AMAZING, and you have Kylie! We lost her years ago and we still want her back.

What a festival of Racing Dubai World Cup is and with 2015 being no exception. What I love about the Racing Fashion on such International platform there are openings for one to wear Sari, Kilt and dress in the manner to showcase your national land in every respect, but may not just be what the judges were looking for. As soon as I saw a 'Piers Atkinsn' Unicorn, I knew it would make top 10, she just looked amazing.

The Jaguar Style Stakes are no where nearly taken as seriously as Melbourne Fashions on the Field, as there is quite some humour to the gentlemen section where they have to show character in their wears, with Dom Bagnatto a gem designer in Australia taking close note and was impressed. Jaguar Style stakes is exactly that, style. Where I am staunch in Australia on what is 'Racing Fashion' and will not budge, they have me in my little photography corner doing my thing, but I love the international dress, the hours and time that goes into the couture and I have a new continent to fall in love with and Dubai is amazing. I will never say Dubai is for everyone, but I just loved being picked up and a chauffeured car, with a body guard to Sofitel Jumirrah Beach. They knew the time in this country was valuable to me and I was literally in and out and to make my stay as easy on the way through from London to drop off exhibits for London Hat Week, to get on a plane the next day to shoot the Dubai World Cup 2015. I cannot speak highly enough of the welcome team I had been given, even a cake of 'Racing Fashion Anna' on arrival. (shucks, thanks dear friends)

Sofitel Jimirrah Beach made my stay so easy. What could have been a difficult trip of constantly going from one place to another, the Sofitel made sure I was at ease, I was taken care of and if needed help will come. Being a traveller in a different city although I have travelled allot can some times take you a little of the beaten path at big events but I cannot thank the Sofitel enough for their teamwork. I had been staying in Sydney, Pall Mall, London, Jimirrah Beach and all exquisite remembered experience.

The Fashion at Dubai as I say earlier being such a multicultural platform we are also educated on what format or cocktail attire would be in other than western countries, so I think this is a very levelling platform where the judges have very big decisions to make. Every part of the competition is so professionally run and amusements of random fireworks in the spectrum of the Dubai Flag Colours, spectacular yet frightening when the gunpowder is so close.

I was really chuffed to see that Ana Privibylova won the Longines ladies Style award. Before hand we were musing over how sheer it was over the top line and then said to cut the underskirt and fix it or a more demure look. Yay, picture perfect, you would have thought I had won. I get so excited when anyone I know wins. In fact I get super excited when anyone wins and appreciates it.

The winner was wearing a beautiful light Miss Selfridge light enough for the dessert and something that you can take into a twilight race meeting with a subdued yet headpiece. Here grace and elegance on stage was a picture and may we thank all the competitors for attending this fabulous event. Without you there is not an event and as I see, each year it is growing and at a very fast rate. This is something you have to see and enjoy with someone you love. I am sad my husband was left at home to look after the children, but he does believe in what I am doing.

Just on an odd ending not. After entering the fabulous grandstand, it is now the 2nd time. 2014 and now 2015 in exactly the same spot, I fell to my knees and thought ooh, “Better watch out for that”. Not that did not sink in but maybe the 3rd year it will. I love you Dubai, and I want many more to follow and show of their Jaguar Style Stakes, Thank you for the invitation and embrace of beautiful people.



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