Heading to Adelaide is always a highlight for me and tagging along is 'Hard Luck Motty' as it is our anniversary and we get to have some well earned time away from the children.  Not that we don't love them, but mums out there you know exactly what I am saying.

It is always difficult juggling fashion with being a mum but being a mum wins hands down and I was pleased to be just judging one leg of the competition.  Kim Varcoe was a stand out winner for the heats and so glad that she came runner up.

The Carla Zampatti with bell sleeves was a hit and looked lovely on the winners figure but she was complaining about how heavy her hat was and she just wanted to get it off her head, we have all had this happen to us and no matter how gorgeous the hat, I just cannot deal with the migraine for the next couple of days so I would rather not have migraine there are plenty of beautiful hats out there although this did win a $2000 shopping spree and a trip to China.

Well done to all the competitors and I loved seeing everyone have their illustrations drawn and transforming us into fabulous whimsical creatures.   Another fabulous time in Adelaide and also don't forget to go to Sean's at the casino for a feed like no other. 

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